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tv   ABC7 News  KOFY  October 1, 2012 11:30am-12:00pm PDT

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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. . good morning. i'm kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. we have another spare the air day. this is the bay, golden gate bridge of course and you can see the two sides marin headlands beautiful, temperatures on their way to triple digits in some places. >> meteorologist mike nicco here with the latest. some of the highest temperatures since june 16th, it has been a while unique time of the year in the fall in the bay area for the fall. doppler, no clouds, no mist, no drizzle, no cooling effect from the ocean, no clouds out
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there, marine layer wiped out. that means today's temperatures will be from 13 to 20° warmer than average. san francisco this is your hottest time of the year only supposed to be at 72, 60 six° today. high pressure, calm, stagnant air fastest breeses out west five dat oakland -- everybody else is calm, that's allowing the heat to build, also allowing poor air quality to develop in the east bay hills, east bay valleys, santa clara valley that's why a spare the air day. right now the trial is beginning for a woman accused of murdering an east bay nursing student last year. prosecutors say 28-year-old giselle esteban stalked and killed 26-year-old michelle le, because leaf was -- because le was friend with esteban's
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ex-boyfriend. >> reporter: no doubt a tough morning inside the courthouse for michelle le's family as her accused murderer prepares to go on trial. in the alameda courthouse this morning this was the scene, a lot of emotion, a lot of tears and a lot of hugs of support and comfort for michelle le's family in a big show of unity this morning, more than two dozen people wore buttons in michelle's honor with her photo this is the first day of what may be a month's long murder trial. 27-year-old giselle esteban is on trial for killing her former friend and nursing student michelle le last may. le vanished from kaiser permanent day in hayward that prompted a four month long search until le's body was found in a remote area between sunol and pleasanton. prosecutors expect to present
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evidence and information claims that esteban killed le over a relationship with a man. also in court today, mark klaas his own daughter polly was kidnapped and murdered 19 years ago today. >> just to bring honor to her name make sure people remember her story. >> you feel isolated and alone during a time like this. this is something that none of them have faced before. it is about the probably the biggest incident in any of their lives the loss of michelle. and they need to know that there are people that are in their camp. >> reporter: a lot of people in michelle le's family's camp today. her brother michael is not talking to the press today he said highs nervous about the trial. michael spearheaded that massive four-month long search effort for his sister. michael said he will be here each and everyday of this trial in order to honor his
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sister and make sure that justice prevails. sue thompson, abc7 news. right now the coast guard is searching for two fishermen who disappeared when their boat capsized. the wife of one of the missing men talked with kira klapper today. >> reporter: we are north of where the man disappeared yesterday on a trip with friends. today his family will be back out searching for him as they try not to give up on his safe return. [ crying ] >> reporter: showing me the most recent photo taken of her family last friday she cries and hopes for the safe return of her husband. the 46-year-old and three friends went fishing yesterday morning as they do every month. this time their boat was hit by a big wave and capsized.
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the four started swimming to store when another wave hit and separated them two wearing life jackets paid it to shore. two weren't wearing life jackets and have been missing ever since. >> [ unintelligible ] >> reporter: she and her sister-in-law searched the beach for hours, deep into the dark of last night. >> the family says the carpenter and his friends all knew how to swim. >> still keep hope for our family i am >> reporter: in the midst of the hope she spent a sleepless night and waits for good news with her 7-year-old daughter. >> come home.
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my daughter and me waiting for him. >> reporter: the family will be back out today near where the boat capsized. they tell me they will search for him for as long as it takes to find him. kira klapper, abc7 news. crews are mopping up after a big rig fire at the port of oakland this morning. is what was left of the big rig it caught fire 7 a.m. crews put the fire out quickly but it caused a traffic jam and slowed work at the port thick black smoke could be seen for miles no one hurt, no word on cause. supporters of california's ban on same-sex marriage will have to wait long ter to find out what the supreme court is going to do. the court released a list of cases it will not consider between now and june. prop 8 was not on that list that. means support still has until november 19th, to decide
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whether it will take the case. -- january 1st, california becomes the first state to ban controversial form of psychotherapy aimed at turning gay teenagers straight. governor brown signed that bill into law last night. the senator who wrote it says it stops children from being psychologically abuse. conservative religious groups and some republicans argue that law hinders parental rights. new era for grocery shoppers in san francisco you have to bring your own shopping bags or pay. part of the crackdown on plastic bags you don't bring your own bags, you are going to be charged 10 cents for a bag. next year restaurants will be that ban designed to help san francisco reach zero waste goal. >> just carry -- [ unintelligible ] the first presidential debate two days away how the candidates are preparing to scare off. >> schwarzenegger spilling -- revealing secrets on
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"good morning america" what he is saying%dírr about cheating on maria shriver and the secrets he kept. we know too much tv is
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>> secret affairs. confrontation over his love child. schwarzenegger is revealing in his new book things he hid from his ex-wife and the public. >> t.j. winick joins us with the stunning bombshells
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dropped. >> reporter: this book is certainly a tell-all. his successes, failures, schwarzenegger says he wouldn't have had it any other way. as his new book hits stores, arnold schwarzenegger is for the first time talking the scandal that tore apart his family. >> it is just one of the disastrous situations that i've created and the worst thing that i've ever done. >> worst thing you have done? worst secret? >> just the worst thing because it hurt so many people. >> reporter: the one-time world , governor and action movie star told "good morning america" about the fair he had with his house keeper in which he fathered a son joseph now 14 born days after his wife gave birth to their youngest son. first he lied to his wife. then came clean when confronted by her in couples therapy.
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joseph's mother mildred continued to work in the stphez schwarzenegger house. >> it is worse when you start getting rid of people because it is like punishing somebody for having been in situation so that's the best way i could handle it. >> reporter: he admits it want his only affair while married. shriver filed forde of course in may 2011 and said she hasn't read the book but wishes him well. arnold believes the family will one day be together again. >> i'm sure maria doesn't say that but i'm sure maria wishes we call could be together. i definitely wish we could all could be together. >> reporter: also interesting for your viewers, schwarzenegger talks politics in this book. he says in 2003, he was snubbed by then george bush adviser karl rove who wanted condoleeza rice to run in 2006, not the hollywood actor. >> mentioned maria. what does she say? has she seen the book,
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commented on the book? >> reporter: right now maria shriver is not commenting on the book. abc news reached out to her she chose not to give a comment. you heard schwarzenegger himself say she has not read the book but wishes him well. wow. well, president obama and mitt romney are cutting back on campaign speeches today in order to prepare for their first big debate wednesday night. the president is in henderson, nevada his aides say he will be working on his debating skittles with kerry playing the part of romney. romney is prepping in denver. analysts say this is his best chance to turn his campaign around which has been losing ground in recent weeks. see the first debate right here on abc7, live debate coverage begins 6:00 this wednesday night. >> i love how they lower expectations.
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your expectations for hot temperatures those are coming true. they are here but kind of in a brief engagement, especially some areas, doesn't that look gorgeous. we'll talk about how hot it is going to be at the beaches. and how long this poor air quality is going to last. >> plus, kids exposed to too much tv without knowing it. damage it might be doing to the entire family. why the congressional staffer accused of attacking lindsay lohan is no longer facing charges.ñóñó
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take a look at the gun sitting near rodeo beach in morning, it was saved from the scrap heap by the national park service to be put on display. study finds young children exposed to four hours of background tv each day. background tv is when a tv is left on and nobody is watching. rep searchers say it is linked to lower attention span in children. they worry damage the parent-child relationship.
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brushfire burning in solano county. crews worked hard to contain that fire. firefighters say using a helicopter to help control the blaze. they appear to have it controlled just a little bit of smoke still coming from the center of the fire. >> mike we have hot temperature, we knee do we have high fire danger? >> we are missing the winds. that -- it is calm everywhere right now that's the reason why the heat is bidding and why the pollution is building up. beautiful picture as we look upon the bay this morning. notice how calm the bay is that will change over the next couple of days. ocean beach from mount tamalpais this morning not a cloud to be found anywhere around the bay to our beaches. warm weather is here. let's look at live doppler,
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just nothing going on, radar can stand down if it wants for a couple of days mist will be back before you know it and so will cooler temperatures. today let's enjoy rare treat of summer warmth in time of year, satellite is close up to nothing, nothing out there this is what temperatures were earlier in the 70s and 80s just about everywhere already. today the hottest this week. good news, it is going to be followed by clear conditions and mild to warm conditions, 50s and 60s tonight afternoon temperatures will keep falling throughout the week. jet stream storm track well north easy to see slow down south and high pressure north. right now high is winning getting offshore wind as we head through time this low will start to pick up, southerly surge starting to
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develop around southern california going to bring cooling to the coast tomorrow will move through the bay inland wednesday into thursday. low to mid 90s south bay today possibly 97 los gatos mid 80s millbrae 84, redwood city 93. half moon bay near 80° with mid 80s downtown san francisco, low to mid 90s north bay valleys your beaches in the north bay mid to upper 70s today, mid 80s to near 90° along the east bay shore dangerous heat east bay . not too far to go if you want to spend money to stay cool. near 100 morgan hill, gilroy and hollister. near record temperatures tahoe 81, 100 central valley to l.a., 86 san diego, 87 big sur warm
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at the coliseum tonight, 73° clear sky will cool to 64. lack of clouds temperatures in the 50s and 60s. cooling trend starting tomorrow most prevalent at the coast temperatures back in the 60s, back in the 70s wednesday around the bay back in the 80s where we should be by thursday inland hold steady friday this weekend could be a few degrees cooler than average with more clouds during the morning that will help slow the growth those two days. -- 49,000 viewers have now liked us on facebook because that you are all eligible to enter our sweep stakes to win $49,000. go to then click the win $49,000 button that will take you to the page where you can fill out the entry form. we'll announce the winner after the game.
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thank you and good luck. a 25-year-old congressional staffer arrested over the weekend for attacking lindsay lohan no longer facing charges. the alleged attack happened yesterday at new york's w hotel she told police the staffer threw her to the ground and tried to choke her after she demanded edye pictures of her from a cell phone. place arrested the man. reports the charges have been dropped because of lack of ed. yahoo -- lack of evidence. yahoo ceo delivered a baby boy last night. a spokesperson confirms mom and baby are healthy and excited. the 37-year-old took the helm in july after leaving google. she has said she would work remotely after giving birth and return to her office as soon as possible.
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a spokesperson says possibly in one or two weeks. >> wow. >> yeah. big announcement about next year's oscars. >> the funny man just selected to host the academy awards. with @
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. katie does her show from her new york city apartment. then at 4:00, rumors, revenge and a murder plot. the phone conversations police say prove a social studies teacher tried to hire a hit man to kill a fellow teacher. then at 5 shortage of a key inagreedient in diapers could cost parents more. finally, a surprise, family guy creator seth mcfarland will host the 2013 oscars ceremony in los angeles. >> this will be the first time he's hosted. >> he made his directorial debut this year with ted which took in 420 million dollars at the box office. he also hosted the season opener of "saturday night live" last
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month. >> oscars will be right here on abc7 on february 24 . >> it is the first time he's been on an oscar stage. >> he looks glamorous. >> we know he has talent. >> he does. >> mr. glamour himself checking in on today's weather. >> spencer is upstairs. we have temperatures right now already in the 70s and 80s on our way to 80s and 90s. some 70s at the coast.
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